A Very Sexy Beginner's Guide to BDSM Words

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You have an idea that is relevant to the discussion, and you begin to speak — only to be interrupted or talked over by a male colleague. There are scores of studies outlining the ways men dominate speaking in business-focused contexts, whether in morning meetings, conference calls, or academic seminars. This is only partially explained by the dearth of women in executive roles — put frankly, it is also because men talk more. Victoria L. Brescoll, an associate professor of organisational behavior at the Yale School of Management, published a paper in showing that powerful male US Senators spoke more on the Senate floor, which was not the case for their female colleagues.

Contained by the kink community, there are altogether types of dominant and submissive roles, each with their own layer of nuance. Think of gentle femdom at the same time as female domination without the elements of pain, harsh punishment, or humiliation. It can be sexual, only BDSM-based, before role-based. As Carol Queen , PhD, resident sexologist at Good Vibrations , says, gentle femdom is more infused with love and nurturing.

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