How to Make Friends as an Online College Student

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Use these solid methods for building great relationships with your students. You've heard it before: the way to reach your students, help them achieve, solve classroom management issues, and create a healthy classroom environment is to build relationships with them. And it's absolutely true. Building strong relationships with students can help them develop academically and socially, according to the American Psychological Association. But how do you forge real relationships without seeming awkward or insincere? Here are six tips that can help. Spend 1-On-1 Time with a Student I'm a huge fan of spending one-on-one time with studentsespecially those who struggle with behavioral issues.

Budding up, I was shy, self-conscious, after that generally felt like my few friends made me, rather than the erstwhile way around. This was fortunately by no means much of a problem… until I reached my twenties. Suddenly, I bring into being myself living alone in a capital wherein I only knew a handful of people: two ex-boyfriends and their families. Talk about slim pickings. I considered simply sitting in my accommodation and sulking my days away. Accordingly, eventually, I took the plunge and—gulp—made some friends.

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