7 Sex Dreams’ Meanings According to a Dream Expert

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Accurate sex dreams are easy and here's how to have more of them Realistic sex dreams are easy after that here's how to have more of them SexJuly 13, By Isabelle Kohn We all have unattainable sexual fantasies that could never logically occur. Whether it's getting a blowjob from a Pegasus with boobs, being made accommodating love to by the Aerosmith bassist while floating in a opalescent astronomical plane, or getting back together along with your now-married-with-stupid-children ex — it's a minute ago not gonna happen. So, what be able to you do? Well, according to the Internet, if you can dream it, you can do it with a little technique called lucid dreaming. Articulate dreams occur when you become alert of yourself while dreaming. You appreciate you're in la-la land, and you can sometimes even control what happens do you while you're under the spell of R. The sleep phase, not the band. Your sense of touch is similar if not higher; your visual sense is acute. Accordingly when you have those two senses empowered, the sexual experience can be amazing.

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Although even more strange is when you wake up from a sex ambition with someone really close to you, like a sex dream about your best friend. What does dreaming a propos your BFF mean sexually? Is this a sign you need to check your feelings about them? Are you totally panicking right now?

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