Camila Alves McConaughey's New Children's Book Tackles Picky Eating In the Smartest Way

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Maybe their child walks around on their toes all the time, gags at some foods, or hates being messy? Sensory processing can be very complicated and the truth is many parents have never heard about it. Some realize their child may have some sensory issues that sometimes cause odd, confusing, or frustrating behaviors. A sensory symptom, or sign of a sensory issue, is anything your child does that indicates their sensory system needs more sensory input or less. I wanted to write about a few of the most overlooked sensory behaviors or red flags, so that you can begin seeing why your child does seemingly odd or unusual things. Understanding why your child is waving a sensory red flag, or displaying signs of sensory issues, will help you help them! But before you even do that, you need to know what the heck this sensory thing is all about anyways? Because I know, that as I sit and write this, many of you are feeling overwhelmed or frustrated.

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All the rage fact, Jill Castle, a registered dietician specializing in pediatric nutrition, told Healthline that most kids grow out of the picky phase by around become old 6. Jayce Walker was one of those kids who never really blocked being picky about what he ate. No other brands of those foods were acceptable. He never had a few fruits, veggies, or grains. But they were told this was simply a normal stage and they should ban giving him the foods he was demanding. Prior to that point, it was a condition few practitioners knew anything about.