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Regular massages are an excellent way to eliminate cellulite and other small fat deposits by breaking down subcutaneous fat and to tone up your body and muscles. They also help to relieve muscle pain and injuries and enable you to keep up a regular exercise program. Last but not least, massages help to relax after an intensive day. Massages can play a vital role in alleviating physical stress which could be as the result of an injury or tense muscles. If you suffer from regular aches and pains then this can significantly impact on your daily life. The benefits of massage are multifactorial, not only can they help to alleviate tension and pain, but the relaxation element can bring about significant psychological benefits. At the Richemont Weight Loss Clinic we are able to offer a variety of massages to alleviate such aches and pains:. Our therapist will work with your problem areas by using techniques to increase blood flow, alleviate knots in the muscles and by using specific stretches to increase flexibility.

Summer is here — yay! But are you summer body ready? The chase for the perfect summer body be able to be laborious — intense exercise regimes, rigid diets, and slow results be able to get even the most devoted activist down. But what if there was a secret weight loss hack so as to helped you shed the pounds, a minute ago by lying down and relaxing? Appealing tempting, right? Massage has proven weight-loss benefits, and the best part? After was the last time you had a massage? Do you remember so as to glorious feeling of total relaxation after that, at the same time, complete re-energization? From busting stress to improving exception, there are countless ways a knead can improve our lives.

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