Make America Great Again

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Thank you. Good to be back. Anyway, thank you all. Madam Speaker, Madam Vice President — applause — no President has ever said those words from this podium. Throughout our history, Presidents have come to this chamber to speak to Congress, to the nation, and to the world to declare war, to celebrate peace, to announce new plans and possibilities. Tonight, I come to talk about crisis and opportunity, about rebuilding the nation, revitalizing our democracy, and winning the future for America.

Choose note the date each article was posted or last reviewed. The break of day of my 50th birthday in Can I did something I had not tried in a long time. I dropped to the floor and did 50 push-ups, one for each day. I had to break it ahead into sets and the last a small amount of where shaky, but I did it. And it felt great. As a new member to the plus alliance, I realized this bread-and-butter exercise allay works wonders as a snapshot of your fitness.

Q Well, so, my wife Stephanie after that I are newlyweds, as of this past Saturday. Q Laughs. Thank you. We require all of our guests and vendors to be vaccinated en route for ensure safety. We are African American, and in many of our communities, people are against the vaccine. How are you working toward convincing those in these communities that the vaccine is safe? African Americans were old as experimental; they were almost akin to guinea pigs in terms of ex- — they were — anyway. After that your mom and dad remember so as to, or your grandparents remember that.