Serena Williams and the trope of the 'angry black woman'

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The angry black woman stereotype is a racist trope in American society so as to portrays black women as sassy, coarse, and ill-tempered by nature. Related concepts are the sapphire or sassy black woman. Within stereotypes of groups contained by the United States , the annoyed black woman stereotype is less calculated than the mammy and jezebel archetypes, potentially because researchers accept it at the same time as true. Carolyn West defines the Annoyed Black Woman as one variety of a Sapphire stereotype -- another class listed is Sistas with Attitude.

Mammies, jezebels, Sapphires. Black women in America have long been dogged by damaging stereotypes, rooted in a history of racism and slavery. In the after effects of Serena Williams' controversial US Ajar loss, it's the trope of the angry black woman that has a long time ago again re-emerged. During the US Ajar final, Williams received a code abuse for coaching, a penalty point designed for breaking her racquet and a amusement penalty for calling the umpire a thief. Her reactions to the referee's calls - which the Women's Tennis Association has since decried as bigot - were no different from how many top players react in the heat of a championship game.

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