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Who is the father of chemistry? At this juncture is a look at the finest answers to this question and the reasons why each of these ancestor may be considered to be the father of chemistry, depending on whom you ask. If you are asked to identify the father of chemistry, your best answer probably is Antoine-Laurent Lavoisier , who wrote the charge, Elements of Chemistry, in He compiled the first complete—at that time—list of elements, discovered and named oxygen and hydrogen , helped develop the metric system, helped revise and even out chemical nomenclature, and discovered that affair retains its mass even when it changes forms. Another popular choice designed for the title of father of chemistry is Jabir ibn Hayyan, a Persian alchemist living around who applied controlled principles to his studies. Actively check device characteristics for identification. Use accurate geolocation data. Measure ad performance.

Although I do work with carbohydrates, accordingly maybe we should just roll along with it. Anyway, I am in my fourth year of a PhD program working in a chemical biology lab. It is recruiting season in our department, and therefore many wide-eyed first-year students are showing up asking en route for be told about the research projects in my lab. As I depict my work, which I can add or less do on autopilot, I start to reminisce about what it was like to be a first-year student — how random all the decisions I made then seem all the rage hindsight.