Fluid Bonding Is More Than Just Sex Without a Condom

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The publisher's final edited version of this article is available at Perspect Sex Reprod Health See other articles in PMC that cite the published article. Abstract Introduction Research shows that condoms are least likely to be used in primary relationships. A deeper understanding of the expectations women and men hold when entering into these relationships, as well as how decisions related to condom use and other prevention behaviors are made, is essential if we are to curb the spread of HIV. Methodology Qualitative in-depth interviews were conducted with 25 high-risk heterosexual couples, including HIV sero-discordant couples, in Hartford, CT. Qualitative data were coded and analyzed in an iterative inductive and deductive process using Atlas. Results Participants employed non-use of condoms as a strategy to find and maintain a primary relationship, establish trust and increase intimacy. Discussion Findings suggest that men and women may choose not to use condoms as they pursue and attempt to maintain a primary relationship. HIV prevention approaches must recognize the importance of love and the needs primary relationships satisfy if they are to be considered relevant by those at greatest risk.

Depending on the people and sex acts involved, those fluids might include semen, saliva, vaginal fluids, anal secretions after that blood. Essentially, fluid bonding is a minute ago a term for sex without the use of barriers, one that acknowledges the real seriousness of that accomplish. That said, we also all appreciate how easy it can be en route for justify ditching a condom , above all with the widespread availability of long-acting birth control. That obviously still leaves barrier-free sex partners vulnerable to STIs , but having sex without a condom also involves many other factors that are often left out of the greater sexual health discourse, individual that usually focuses on pregnancy after that STI prevention while largely ignoring the mental and emotional effects of condomless sex. Barrier-free sex is more than just skipping condoms, and acknowledging it for what it really is — the literal exchange of bodily fluids with another person — emphasizes the gravity of a choice many of us tend to make all also carelessly. Fluid bonding is a abundance — an important one One of the biggest distinctions that sets adaptable bonding apart from the way we often talk about barrier-free sex is the emphasis that fluid bonding along with a partner is an active, alert choice — an important one so as to should be made carefully. Discussing these things before the act sets the stage for conscious, safer sex.

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