11 Eye-Opening Statistics About Strippers

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One-third of strippers really are putting themselves through college, plus how much money they make and more. I clicked on a message board link where someone had asked about stripping stats, assuming there would be responses with links. And I paraphrase…. Well, with apologies to all of the strippers out there… I went ahead and kept researching. I extracted these 11 stats the ones I found most interesting from those four studies. So here are the 11 eye-opening statistics about strippers. Leave the strippers to strip and let the nerds guide you to the numbers. With no time left over to fight crime.

Constant the states that welcome naked dancing are often conflicted, with some towns enacting tough regs while others continue more lax. But which states at the same time as a whole are the most strip-club friendly? We wanted to know. Although every state has at least individual good club , we started along with those that have the most band joints per capita.

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