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Zachary, V. Here's how to make the most of what you've got down below Having sex is no great achievement. Insert Tab A into Slot B, and there you have it. Good sex, however, is a little more complicated and a hell of a lot more fun. To achieve that, you first have to take a look at what you're bringing to the party. Really, take a look at it. Is it long? False modesty or, worse, comparing yourself to the lumber at Home Depot, isn't helpful.

I lost my virginity to someone along with a 9ish incher. All I actually remember about that sex is the overwhelming, displeasurable pain of having him punch my cervix with his angle. Maybe 8 inches in length although about 1. It hurt my fucking jaw, and almost dislocated it add than once. But it was a lot of fun. And I felt proud when I fit all of it in. Was with a chap that had a threeish maybe a lesser amount of dick.

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