Maxwell Epstein were 'partners in crime' prosecutor says

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Assistant U. The prosecutor sought to make clear to a jury of 12 that there was no confusion about whether Maxwell, Epstein's longtime companion, was his puppet or accomplice. She described Maxwell, 59, as central to Epstein's sex abuse scheme, which prosecutors say lasted over a decade. Attorney Damian Williams looked on from a spectator bench.

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Jim DeRogatis: The thorn in R. Kelly's side Ms Pace, now 28, was one of several women who beam to the Surviving R. Kelly document in In her testimony, she alleged she started having sex with the singer when she was She at first told him she was older, although when she revealed the truth, he continued the relationship, instructing her en route for call him Daddy. Mr Kelly's lawyers tried to portray Ms Pace at the same time as a superfan who reacted badly after the star lost interest in her. In cross-examination, Deveraux Cannick accused her of fabricating her story for capital and fame; and of stalking his client. She denied the claims.