Court gives woman right to seek settlement years after split

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Public Safety. Police release name of bicyclist killed in Otay Mesa hit and run. Authorities seek help to find driver in fatal Shelltown hit and run. Who killed Salvador Mercado? AP — The U. Supreme Court on Friday refused to block gay marriages in Florida, the latest of about three dozen states allowing same-sex weddings. In a one-paragraph order, the court decided not to step into the Florida case. We are grateful that the court recognized that, and that as a result, those days are finally coming to an end.

Broadcast Safety. Police release name of bicyclist killed in Otay Mesa hit after that run. Authorities seek help to achieve driver in fatal Shelltown hit after that run. Who killed Salvador Mercado? All the rage a landmark ruling, the court absolute that Kathleen Wyatt, 55, was entitled to seek compensation from ex-husband Dell Vince, The couple married all the rage , raised two children together after that lived a lifestyle of New Become old nomads. When they divorced in , they had no assets or earnings.

All through oral arguments in Obergefell v. HodgesChief Justice Roberts wondered whether making same-sex marriage legal would nullify traditional glossary definitions of marriage:. Every definition so as to I looked up, prior to a propos a dozen years ago, defined marriage ceremony as unity between and man after that a woman as husband and companion. Obviously, if you succeed, that basic definition will no longer be operable. As Justice Ginsberg observed. They would have the very same incentive en route for marry, all the benefits that appear with marriage that they do at once.

The sad image of a grieving widow may not be entirely accurate, according to a study published on Tuesday showing that six months after the death of their partner, nearly half of older people had few symptoms of grief. And 10 percent cheered up, according to the survey conducted by the University of Michigan after that paid for by the National Association on Aging. The study, which followed 1, couples over the age of 65 for years, looked at the quality of their marriages, their attitudes toward one another, and the belongings on one spouse after the erstwhile died. Close to half -- 46 percent -- said they had enjoyed their marriages but were able en route for cope with the loss of a spouse without much grieving. They believed that life is fair and they accepted that death is a amount of life, Carr said in a statement. In the United States, add thanadults lose spouses each year.