A Ranking of Every Sketch in ‘I Think You Should Leave’

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How hot dog eaters stack up to hot dog wearers. A trademark of most Tim Robinson sketches is that where they start and where they end up often have nothing to do with each other. Plotlines morph into unrecognizable tangents, the smallest details are latched onto and beaten into the ground until the dotted line from setup to punch line becomes a twisted thread of confusion and hilarity. Credit card roulette is an objectively terrible game. You should have lied. Obviously, the boss has some qualms about evaluating minors in front of all his employees, and the thing falls apart in quick order. There must be a third one coming, though the winner will never be Troll Boy.

N ora Ephron's new film about the joys of cooking slips down at the same time as easily as chocolate souffle, precision-baked en route for satisfy the appetite of the conventional American female cinemagoer. There are laughs, there are tears. There are lots of lovely fats and carbs, all right out of reach on the barrier. There are two dishy, endlessly accommodating husbands. It's warm, sweet, unchallenging. Accumulate for one short scene in a bar. Julie has had a bust-up with her husband.