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Your Shots Six months ago, when many of us put our lives on hold to isolate at home, enjoying nature in whatever way we could was a comfort and a distraction. Cooped up in my one-room apartment in Brooklyn, I watched for the occasional pigeon on my fire escape and walked down to the water every night to see cormorants fish. This became the highlight of my days. For our Bird from Home projectAudubon asked three professional wildlife photographers to document and write about birds in their yards or in their communities during this difficult year. We then invited readers to share their own photos, and submissions came pouring in. We were especially moved and inspired to see people share their passion and appreciation for backyard birds that are so often overlooked. Thank you to everyone who submitted, and we hope you enjoy this selection of some of our favorites. Photo: Rhonda Coe, Green, OH Behind the Shot: This bird was a new visitor to my yard this year, and unlike my other backyard birds, it was not thrilled about me being in the yard.

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