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In the first season alone, plots revolving around inappropriate student-teacher relationships, infidelity, and underage drinking immediately alarmed parents and critics alike. Despite the racier themes, the overall tone of the show employed not just maturity in the handling of these situations but the characters themselves. Noted for his use of intelligent, witty dialogue and numerous pop culture references, creator Kevin Williamson brought a unique perspective to the typical teenage drama series. Despite how much some of us may have loathed some of its characters looking at you, Dawsonwe cannot deny the impact that the show had on its viewers. Over the six-season run of the series, not only did the young cast get increased exposure and popularity but so did its numerous guest stars.

Episodes Dawson's Creek Release year: Idealist Dawson Leery and his friends face ancestor dramas, peer pressure and self-esteem issues as they navigate through high discipline and college. Pilot A pair of childhood friends must cope with their emerging sexuality. Dance 44m Dawson worries about his first kiss with Jen, especially when she attends a discipline dance with someone else. Kiss 44m As Dawson is forced to act on a rival's film, he plots to record his first kiss along with Jen. Meanwhile, Joey misleads a affluent suitor.

Audiences are introduced to childhood best friends Dawson, Pacey, and Joey. The two have a love affair during the first half of the season. Pacey and Tamara find themselves in above-board trouble and Tamara submits her acceptance. Joey learns about the affair ahead of Dawson, but she keeps it a secret from her best friend. Tensions rise in the family, and it only gets worse as the flavour progresses.