A Dominant's Diary Day 01

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Return to the new mobile-friendly Literotica story page with font customization! I am always looking for some inspiration. My kink, if you will, is domination, sexual domination of women to be specific. Most of the stories on the site read like someone's fantasy.

Coordinated Pair 18 — Release The women looked at the man. If she failed to grip with her teeth everything could come crashing down. She suspected that would be worth approach more than five demerits. Whatever a demerit was.

Ajar in a separate window Pubic Beard By far, the most common dislikes reported by women and the agree with most common dislike for men focused on the theme of pubic beard. I don't like the way my vagina looks and feels with beard. If I don't shave or buff, I find myself having less femininity because I don't want my affiliate to see it. This is made even worse with this shaving craze that is going on today.

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Your smile disappears as I grab a handful of your hair and haul you backwards, off balance and advance you down to the floor. I position you on all fours, individual hand in your hair, the erstwhile spanks your ass hard. You appreciate what I expect. You quit struggling as I pull you up en route for your knees, my hand reaching about your throat and chin. My erstwhile hand groping your breasts lewdly, effective over your body, slapping your breasts as I work my mouth above your neck, biting your jaw after that ears. Pulling up your shirt, my hand exposes your body to the air as I pull you ago and rip the thin fabric bad and over your head. My appreciation in your hair tightens as I pull you back for a arduous kiss, forcing tongue and biting your lips, as I pin your arms behind your back, pushing you accelerate face down, your ass in the air. I use my belt en route for slap your ass twice more, the sounds of leather on ass bringing a smile to my face.