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Return to Greek Courtesans Diogenes the Cynic The nude Cynic fears no fire for his tub; if broken, he will make himself a new house to-morrow, or keep it repaired with clamps of lead. They illustrate the precepts by which he lived: that personal happiness is satisfied by meeting one's natural needs and that what is natural cannot be shameful or indecent. His life, therefore, was lived with extreme simplicity, inured to want, and without shame. It was this determination to follow his own dictates and not adhere to the conventions of society that he was given the epithet dog, from which the name cynic is derived. As to why he was called a dog, Diogenes replied, Because I fawn upon those who give me anything, and bark at those who give me nothing, and bite the rogues. Seeing a child drinking from his hands, Diogenes threw away his cup and remarked, A child has beaten me in plainness of living. When asked why he went about with a lamp in broad daylight, Diogenes confessed, I am looking for a [honest] man. Why do people give to beggars, he was asked, but not to philosophers?

Candour is a very expensive gift. John Lennon Honesty is often very arduous. The truth is often painful. Although the freedom it can bring is worth the trying. Fred Rogers En route for share your weakness is to accomplish yourself vulnerable; to make yourself at risk is to show your strength. Criss Jami Honesty is telling the accuracy to ourselves and others. Integrity is living that truth. Kenneth H.