New Jersey Jewish News - February 26 2004 — Image 48

Passionate tall woman 33701

I love good conversation, laughter and learning -- from people, places, experiences, failures and especially my kids. I'm thoughtful, fun-loving, spontaneous, affectionate and a good problem solver. I look for the silver lining on clouds. I try to defend the underdog and right wrongs. I love to entertain at home or go out for dinners, concerts, the symphony, ballet, movies and dancing. I have travelled to and worked in several countries. I'm a devoted mother to 2 amazing kids, and have a fulfilling professional life as a lawyer and lecturer at Stanford on illicit art trade. I am a very young 58 years old interested in someone between 50 -

Denial religious preferences, but honesty and honesty required. Our choices in life are: the adventures of the journey, the attitude we bring to that crossing and who accompanies us on it. For me, the adventures are equally physical and mental. I also benefit from playing with ideas, analyzing data after that finding hidden patterns. A few years ago I analyzed the structure of the Canadian economy - because I wanted to understand it. More a moment ago I read scholarly journals, piecing all together many people's research in a ample range of fields - figuring absent how the heart and the arteries interact. You have a past after that are ready to move on. You want to share the adventure of life with a man who bidding treat you properly.