Woman Wakes Up After Night Out To Find Stranger's Dog In Her Bed

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After everything else updated , 20 May BST A woman was shocked to wake ahead after a night out to achieve a stranger's huge dog lying all the rage her bed - with no aim whose it was or why it was there. Loading… Mia Flynn, 28, woke up on Monday morning 17 May after enjoying a few bottles of wine at a friend's abode the night before. She was 'petrified' to roll over to find a large husky-type dog staring at her - and with her memory a little hazy from all the booze, had no idea why it was there. Advert 10 Flynn soon pieced together what happened using footage arrange her phone from the night ahead of, when she ingeniously documented finding a 'wolf' following her home in the dark. One video shows the pooch wandering around Flynn's kitchen, as she says: Of all the things I've come home with on a dark out. He followed me home.

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