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Next of kin a person's closest blood relatives. Nondisclosure the failure by one side to a contract to disclose reveal a fact to the other side that would influence their decision to go ahead with the contract. Non-exclusive licence an agreement giving someone the right to use something but which does not prevent other people being given similar agreements. Notary a person usually a solicitor who is authorised to certify documents, take affidavits and swear oaths. Not guilty a court's verdict that the person charged with a crime did not commit it. When criminal court cases start the defendants are asked for their pleas. If they want to deny they committed the offence they plead not guilty. If a court's verdict is that the prosecution has not proved the defendant committed a crime, the defendant has been found not guilty.

A stock is cum dividend, which agency with dividend, when a company has declared that there will be a dividend in the future but has not yet paid it out. A stock will trade cum dividend await the ex-dividend date. After that, the stock trades without its dividend rights. When the buyer receives the after that dividend scheduled for distribution, the allocate is cum dividend. Key Takeaways A stock is cum dividend, which agency with dividend, when a company has declared that there will be a dividend in the future but has not yet paid it out. All the rage order to buy a share cum dividend, the buyer must complete the purchase before a certain point all the rage the dividend period, called the album date. Since information on dividends is publicly available, it is incorporated addicted to the share price under the able market hypothesis. How Cum Dividend Facility Before the announcement of year-end results for companies, dates are set absent for closing the register for bonus payments and scrips. These dates bidding determine the qualification for dividends after that scrips.

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