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The situation only worsened for the mayor from there on. As further allegations of rampant corruption in the suburb city of Laval emerged, Mayor Gilles Vaillancourt was one of the first leaders to be implicated, with police forces raiding his homes, office and safety deposit boxes. They discovered hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash, all allegedly received as kickbacks from fixed construction contracts. Under heavy fire, Vaillancourt decided to take a sick leave, perhaps awaiting the right moment to declare his own resignation. That was a familiar refrain. The allegations stuck to Tremblay, despite his insistence that he knew nothing. La Pressein particular, was so vehement in their attacks on the mayor that he refused to meet any of their journalists for an interview during his campaign. At least he did know it was time to go. Tremblay began his press conference on Monday with a short anecdote about advice he received as a young man.

A family is mourning after their year-old father was transferred to two altered hospitals, ultimately dying in an elevator, because the ER in his capital was closed overnight due to a lack of staff. Quebec City's constabulary chief confirmed that a single administrator appeared in all three videos published this week showing violent altercations. There's also a fourth video, Chief Denis Turcotte said in a press alliance Thursday. Complete Weather Forecast.

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The announcement comes after a media account, on Radio-Canada, that said police calmly conducted a search for evidence of illegal fundraising. The inquiry has heard witnesses from the construction industry depict false-billing and illegal cash transfers en route for political parties including the Liberals. Add than people have been arrested arrange corruption-related charges since the Quebec scandals erupted several years ago, including figures from municipal politics and the assembly industry. From haute hats to dream-worthy bed linens, we've rounded up 20 fabulous fashion and beauty finds as of homegrown brands across the country. The emphasis on secondhand style is a bite industry experts expect to increase all through the busy holiday shopping season. We tried it: Perfectly suits serious swimmers seeking a little modesty.