Accompany sentence example

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An example of accompany is going to a party with a friend. Peanut butter, which goes with jelly, is also an example of accompany. Among the fifteen knights selected by Arthur to accompany him to Chastel Orguellous he only ranks ninth. Innumerable so-called chances accompany him everywhere. Whether or not she wished to accompany him was not his concern. Women accompany their male relatives to the battlefield for the purpose of tending the wounded and carrying away the dead. All rights reserved.

Altogether rights reserved. Home Sentence Accompany Attend sentence example accompany. I suggest you accompany me home. Among the fifteen knights selected by Arthur to attend him to Chastel Orguellous he barely ranks ninth. Innumerable so-called chances attend him everywhere.

The pesticide handmaidens that accompany NPK fertilizers can also interfere with nutrient administration and scramble chemical signaling between mycorrhizal fungi and their plant host. A statement accompany ing the list says Alaska, Arizona, Delaware, West Virginia, after that Wyoming were added to the catalogue this week. He subsequently asked a reporter to accompany him as he dared to share his story along with the police for the first age. The coroner would also note the tiny hemorrhages that accompany strangulation. His book openly and honestly explores the spiritual issues that accompany great affliction. And also, for what reason a propos 30 military vehicles that accompany the convoy have no plates on them.

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