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Sex therapy is still pretty elusive. I mean, unless you have actually been in a sex therapy session or watched a wonderful episode of Sex Education on Netflix then you are probably in the dark. Before I go on to tell you what happens in a sex therapy session, let me tell you what a sex therapist is. A sex therapist is a person who is qualified to provide counselling to people with sexual concerns or problems. A sex therapist listens and provides feedback to help people change their thoughts, feelings and behaviours about sex and intimacy so that they can have experience more enjoyment and pleasure from sex. The training for a sex therapist differs but the common thread is that at some point, the therapist has undergone specific usually tertiary study in human sexuality. I am a registered nurse that became a qualified counsellor and later a qualified sexologist through a post-grad diploma of sexology.

But, sex can also become stressful, baffling, or worrisome. Many people face challenges around sexual desire, arousal, satisfaction, before intimacy with their partner s , which can sometimes be related en route for physical or medical conditions. Regardless, these struggles can come up for individuals of any sexual orientation, gender character, or age. More Sex is a lot a fun and satisfying part of life, and a wide variety of sexual desires, preferences, and behaviors are considered normal and healthy. Sexual dysfunction is a category of mental fitness conditions that includes erectile disorder, genito-pelvic pain disorder, and female orgasmic ailment to name just a few! But, any type of issue or affair related to sexual health, diagnosable before not, can lead to symptoms of common mental health disorders, such at the same time as anxiety and depression. Cultural and collective factors can also contribute to sexual concerns, which can lead to confidence , stress , or confidence issues. When difficulties like these become a recurring source of worry or be nosy with day-to-day life, therapy is individual way to help resolve them. Clinicians differ in their approaches to treating sexual challenges; some may have education specifically in sex therapy, while others may use more general approaches en route for mental health concerns.

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