The 200 Best Songs of the 1970s

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The s was arguably the single decade of the 20th century when recorded music was most central to culture. As the used vinyl bins of the world are still telling us, records were the thing. Labels were flush with cash, sales of LPs and singles were brisk, and record stores were everywhere. Home stereos were a standard part of middle-class culture. Analog recording technology was at its zenith, FM radio was ascendant, and the AM dial still focused on music. The children of the baby boom were coming into their late twenties and thirties—young enough to still be serious music consumers, but old enough to have their own generation of children who were starting to buy music.

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All through the summer of , two apparently unrelated and almost contradictory musical events occurred. These events are not of a piece at first sight, although scrutinize just a little, and you see something that looks like forks in an inscrutable road. Before the xx released their first record, around was nary a whisper of everything so soporific, so sweet and acerbic, and gothic in the wider agreeable atmosphere. Now, even loosely, their adapt has helped popularize a new alleyway to hit potential. But their act has always been united by an intoxicating sadness and bolstered by a quiet confidence. In theory, their cut-out for a hit is easily replicable. One can hypothetically craft the alike intimacy and opiated pleasure from molasses-slow bass lines and drum machine whacks and hushed voices. Here are a few examples of songs and moments that perhaps echo the xx a little too much. View Iframe URL.