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There would be no coming back from this. Not from Henry. And, for the first time, I was completely okay with that. No reservations. But after finishing this one and letting everything sink in, there were just so many things wrong here and I honestly think it's problematic. The story is basically about openly gay singer Henry falling for straight pilot Evan, who is very careful as he is broken.

Individual evening he is approached by a stranger in a bar, a associate Parisian who lives in the Dutch capital. He shares a gin along with the visitor and his chat a propos the locals slowly turns into a bit of background about himself. He used to be a successful barrister in Paris, quite well known all the rage his field and… Time to go? It is an extremely effective method. Physically strong, tall, handsome, charming, Jean-Baptiste went out of his way en route for open doors for ladies and advantage the elderly across the road. He did pro bono work for the poor. He discoursed eloquently at banquet parties and attended plays and the opera. He had a string of mistresses, relishing the challenge of seduction then swiftly forgetting them.

He has taken refuge in Amsterdam. Camus' sensitivity to physical surroundings: Even all the rage this brief explanatory word he stresses the atmosphere of Amsterdam. Jean Baptiste is making a personal confession, putting himself on trial, but this is, in fact a psychological device, en route for give himself the higher ground accordingly that he can then pass the burden of his own responsibility away. The speaker is looking at himself in the mirror, but this copy of guilt ends up not all the rage his hands but in the hands of the rest of society Camus ends this introduction with three questions and one certainty. Questions: 1 Anywhere does the confession begin and anywhere the accusation? Summary of the Charge. The actions of the characters after that the words of the person Jean-Baptiste is talking to are assumed as of the text. Jean-Baptiste sees a Frenchman, a stranger, in the bar, incapable to catch the eye of the surly Dutch barman.