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In fact, an unhealthy friendship can be just as harmful as a bad romantic relationship. Toxic friends can drag you down, undermine your self-esteem, and drain the joy from your life. The flaky friend: Dropping out of plans, showing up late, and generally being unreliable are not cute quirks or character traits. They might even ditch your plans at the last minute for something or someone they think will be more exciting. This kind of behavior hardly makes you feel valued, and it will decimate your self-esteem over time. If someone has developed the habit of flaking on you, tell them that their behavior makes you feel as though they do not value your friendship. The reckless friend: Some people have a habit of engaging in wild or even dangerous behaviors on a regular basis and dragging their friends down in the process. Maybe your friend drinks to excess every week, takes drugs regularly, has a lot of unprotected sex, or goes on mad spending sprees that leave them in debt — and wants you to join in. This kind of behavior can be hard to watch, and you may also find it difficult to avoid bowing to peer pressure.

A social situation that trips a allocation of people up and makes them nervous is when they first allow to hang around a group of people who all know each erstwhile pretty well. This scenario can appear up when: You meet a arrange of your friend's friends You assemble your partner's friends or co-workers You join a team or club anywhere everyone else has been a affiliate for a while You start a new job where a bunch the staff seem to be buddies At time things go off without a attach. You gel with everyone right absent and are welcomed into the collapse. When things don't work out accordingly well what often happens is all chats among themselves and you're absent standing on the sidelines. Most of the time the group isn't deliberately trying to be mean and exclusionary. They just know and gravitate en route for each other.

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