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This copy is for your personal non-commercial use only. It should strike home particularly hard in rich countries like Canada, which have lavished resources on vaccinating their own people while leaving poorer parts of the world to struggle along as best they can. Now the inevitable is happening: with the vast majority of people in most countries still unvaccinated, the virus has mutated yet again. Omicron is the result, and we can only hope it turns out not to be as formidable a foe as some experts fear. At best, restricting travel might slow the spread a bit and give scientists time to learn more. By now the developed world is awash in vaccines. We have more doses than we have arms to put them in; the data analytics firm Airfinity estimates there will be more than a billion such doses stockpiled in developed countries by the end of the year, in addition to those earmarked for donations to poorer nations. So while some countries have 70 per cent or more of their people protected, the World Health Organization estimates lower-income countries have on average only about 7.

Designed for the second consecutive day, Legault told reporters Tuesday it was his aspiration that indoor gathering limits would add to during the holidays to 20 ancestor or 25 people — up as of He made the same comment arrange Monday, adding that he had en route for wait for advice from public fitness authorities before he could issue an order. Shortly after, he imposed a curfew across most of the area that lasted for almost five months. They know what a variant is.

The last total solar eclipse of is expected to happen on December 4, and this one will be ace rare because very few people arrange Earth will actually see it along with the naked eye. The moon bidding totally cover the sun in the sky over Antarctica for almost 2 minutes on Saturday morning, according en route for NASA's calculations. Only the glowing external edges of the sun will be visible to the naked eye. The event will look like a biased solar eclipse for people watching as of the southernmost parts of South Africa, Australia and islands in the South Atlantic, NASA says.

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