The story of New France: the cradle of modern Canada

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Amid the 16th and 18th centuries, French settlers finally managed to take accommodate of a wild and wealthy acquire and turn it into an dominant colonial outpost. New France, as this land was once called, consisted of five colonies that covered a bulky swath of North America, stretching as of Hudson Bay in the north en route for the Gulf of Mexico in the south. The land became home en route for fur traders, state-sponsored brides, soldiers—and the indigenous people who had been around for thousands of years. The intertwined lives of the people of s New France are depicted in the upcoming National Geographic limited series Barkskinswhich premieres on Memorial Day. Based arrange the bestselling novel by Annie Proulx, the eight-part series explores a baffling massacre that threatens to throw the region into war and reveals the tensions and complexities of French immigration in North America. What was Additional France really like? Though it barely existed between andthe colony of Canada produced a distinct language, culture, after that history that still reverberates in the modern nation known as Canada.