'I orgasm every day - it's the secret to my youthful looks and you should do it too'

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Bringing together musicological discussions of climax with socio-psychological and neurological research on the orgasm, this article explores the manifold ways in which technologies of arousal in dance music mediate the sexual space of the dancefloor and consider how metaphors of pleasure and fulfilment are actualised in EDM in ways which destabilise the prevalent body of heteronormative, male-focussed narratives around stimulation and arousal. In a witty take on questions of authenticity, performativity and stardom, protagonist DJ Davvincii Andy Samberg employs nearly every stereotypical trope of EDM build-up to work a dancefloor full of adoring fans into a frenzy of arousal and anticipation. Screams and moans of ecstasy are heard from participants as the camera pans round the dancefloor in slow motion, as the intense climax makes clubbers heads explode, blowing their bodily loads on the dancefloor in one of the most literal ways possible. With surprising similarity to a porn film, the dancing mass utter collective sexual vocalisations ranging from grunts to screams and facial expressions of ecstasy — two of the distinct affective displays of orgasm — strongly suggesting that they are remembering, recognizing, and reliving the experience, or at least ecstasy, of past or imagined sexual experiences. But in a paradox central to thinking sexually about EDMthe semi public space 7 within which club-space sits typically prohibits participants from engaging in explicit sexual activity, save from maybe kissing and dry humping. If we are not intended to literally climax, how can we explain the highly sexualised narratives of fulfilment at the heart of EDM communities: is this music designed to convey how sex looks and sounds devoid of the feeling of real arousal; a simulacrum perhaps for unachievable fleshy sensations? Are the sexualised narratives a schema for participants to make sense of the complex, hyperstimulated sensory experience of clubbing?

Nita Marie, 45, claims there are a number of physical and mental health benefits en route for having regular orgasms - including body the secret to looking young. A model claims she knows the clandestine to eternal youth - and it's a lot cheaper than you assume. Nita Marie, 45, ensures she has at least one orgasm every calendar day, which she says helps her air young and also aids her cerebral health. Nita, who lives in Colorado, is urging others to follow her lead, and give themselves - before their partner - an orgasm all day. She's revealed her top tips for making sure you can acquire some me time into your day after day schedule. She added even if you don't have a partner, Nita recommends you pleasure yourself so you be able to experience the Big O. Nita Marie reckons regular climaxing helps her coast off at night and puts her into a deeper sleep. When you orgasm, your body releases a hormone called oxytocin, which is sometimes referred to as the love hormone.

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