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More than million people speak French on the five continents. The OIF, an international organisation of French-speaking countries, comprises 88 member States and governments. French is the second most widely learned foreign language after English, and the fifth most widely spoken language in the world. French is also the only language, alongside English, that is taught in every country in the world.

As a result of Frederic Bibard. September 19, You want to sound legit, I acquire it. So sit back because this article will tell you 10 amazing ways on how to speak French like the French do it -- from the sentences down to the little nuances — and lots of tips thrown in between. This is quite a no-brainer but nonetheless a bite that begs to be mentioned. This Ultimate French Pronunciation guide should advantage you with that. Take time en route for master liaisons , too, because those little things can make or be in breach of your French. If you do, the chances of you sounding like a pompous know-it-all — or a age traveler from the turn of the century -- are extremely high. Designed for you to truly understand everyday French and sound legit, brush up arrange your informal French with these tips:.

En route for promote the film, Bradley has been doing French media interviews in French. He picked up the language although studying in Aix-en-Provence back in academy and charms the pants off adoring fans with his linguistic prowess. Afar his charm, we can learn a lot from Bradley Cooper speaking French. Does Bradley Cooper speak French? Heck yes! Look at his eyes. A minute ago look at those icy blue beauties. OK, fangirling is now over.

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This article contains affiliate links. This agency French Together may earn a administration for purchases made through these acquaintance. Read affiliate disclosure. Luckily, there are lots of opportunities for French cry practice online and in real animation. A site offering a great abundance of carefully-vetted French tutors for apprentice and intermediate students alike. Tandem is a trendy and visually appealing dialect exchange app. You can use a lot of of its features for free, even if there are some paid options.