9 Pet Hamster Care Tips for Beginners

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Choose a habitat Your little dude or dudette needs a safe home in which to explore and feel comfortable. Explore colors, tubes, accessories, and add-ons to create a unique habitat with plenty of places to tunnel, hide and burrow. Pick bedding they can burrow in, and make sure to choose the right-sized water bottle like a 6-ounce chew proof water bottle. Put their habitat in the right place As is the case with many small animals, placement is essential to a happy pet. Do also be sure to keep your pets habitat away from any vents or drafty windows to ensure they are in a safe temperature controlled environment. Cover their habitat with a light cloth for the first few days When you bring your new hamster home, everything is new to them. Give them the headspace to get to know their new habitat for a few days — without the distractions of your home — by placing a light cloth over their space. Feel free to take this cover off for bonding time! Wait a few days before trying to pick them up Like any new friendship, it takes time to get to know someone and feel comfortable with them.

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