21 Spicy Sex Moves Men Crave in the Bedroom

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May 15, It goes without saying that sex is amazing any way you slice it, but every so often, even the sexiest among us could benefit from doing things differently or trying something new. The following are just a few suggestions to consider for a sex-centric spring reboot of your own. Doing it in the presence of a consenting spouse, partner, or lover is seriously hot. You each get to see exactly how the other person likes to be touched and pleasured, which is information that will obviously come in handy. You can do it together simultaneously or to each other. You can take turns treating each other to a spicy little show. Logging some solo time with your favorite rabbit vibrator?

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As a result of Jenny Tiegsfor GalTime. With Fifty Shades of Grey continuing to raise eyebrows and spice up sex livesit's denial wonder we are feeling a associate of pressure and curiosity to aim it up a notch in the bedroom. At first you may ask yourself if that's what your affiliate needs or wants, but then you may start to wonder if it's something you need or want. Perhaps it's time to redefine who you are between the sheets. Sure, you know the moves that get the job done, but why not associate it up a bit? So, all the rage the interest of stepping ot of your sexual comfort zone, here are 4 tips to do just that:. Get out of your own approach. The ability to let go is a critical part of the administer, explains Darren Michaels, author of Flipside Erotica, Both Sides of the Account and featured guest on Playboy Two-way radio. This means trusting your partner a sufficient amount to let your guard down after that turn loose.

You can tell him he's driving you crazy without it turning into a fight. You no longer worry a propos your relationship ending if you acquire a little snippy over who huffed the last of the whipped balm. You trust him to take anxiety of your precious pooch or baleful cat. He can meet you by a party and deal with your friends for 30 before you acquire there. And he actually has a pretty decent time because he recognizes that your friends are rad. You both now have them.