Guys Share What They Really Think About Girls Dying Their Hair

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Sara Corbett meets the woman some regard as a political heroine—others as an accomplice to treason. It has six terminals, four Burger Kings, a sweep of shops selling duty-free caviar, and a rivering flow of anonymous travelers—all of them headed out or headed in or, in any event, never planning to stay long. But for nearly six weeks in the summer ofthe airport also housed two fugitives: Edward Snowden, the NSA contractor who had just off-loaded an explosive trove of top-secret U. It was a tableau sprung from a spy novel—a turncoat intelligence contractor on the lam with an enigmatic blonde by his side. Snowden had based himself in Hong Kong for several weeks as his disclosures about government surveillance ripped across the global media.

Budding up, my sister was attending advantage school, and I was her guinea pig. I got addicted to dying my hair, because it can be SO fun. I would flip close back and forth, blonde, brunette, redheadover and over. I could date a girl with pretty much any beard color. I do have a bizarre preference for redheads. Hair is central. I like blonde best. Natural beard color is best.

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Abode Blog. Internet traffic in the chase for foreign intelligence, including a ample array of communications by foreigners after that Americans. The programs, code-named Blarney, Fairview, Oakstar, Lithium and Stormbrew, among others, filter and gather information at chief telecommunications companies. This filtering takes area at more than a dozen locations at major Internet junctions in the U. Previously, any NSA filtering of this kind was largely believed en route for be happening near points where marine or other foreign cables enter the country. The systems operate like this: The NSA asks telecom companies en route for send it various streams of Internet traffic it believes most likely en route for contain foreign intelligence. This is the first cut of the data.