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You could courageously strike up a banter with a stranger at your neighborhood bar or you could ask a friend to set you up along with one of their friends—but if you're like most people, you probably aim to the online dating apps. A few are great choices if you're looking for a long-term relationship, and others are ideal for something a a small amount less serious. The bottom line? Scruff might have a reputation solely at the same time as a hook-up app, but not accordingly, according to its CEO Eric Silverberg. One of the biggest ways en route for stand out from the competitors arrange an app like Scruff? A absolve picture of your face—which will absolutely stand out against a sea of torsos and blurry shots. Download At once. Grindr is often regarded for its contributions to hook-up culture since it allows you to instantly meet ahead with people that can be at the same time as close as feet away. But accomplish no mistake, Grindr can be a place for love.