Kissing and your health

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Our kissing bug community science program started in Since then, almost 1, people have sent us over 7, kissing bugs for scientific research. We hope this website will help you learn about Chagas disease and kissing bugs. If you are interested in more technical resources, visit our resource page. If you have questions, submit them to our team on this page. Interactions can be touching wildlife, being near wildlife, or even just living in an area with lots of wildlife.

The more you get of these hormones, the more your body wants them. For some, this may be add apparent at the start of a relationship — especially if most of your time is spent in a lip lock. If you can adhere to up a steady pace of kissing after that initial spark fizzles, you can continue to enjoy the benefits of those happy hormones. You can even have a more satisfying affiliation. In a studycouples in long-term relationships who frequently kissed reported increased affiliation satisfaction. Older research shows that designed for women, kissing is a way en route for size up a potential mate. It also plays an important role all the rage their decision to hit the sheets.