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Life history Childhood Leah was born in about to Elliot Birch and Diane Birch and underwent a rather abusive babyhood. In The ASSes , Diane alleged that whenever Leah was giving her trouble as a baby, she would just lock her in the bureau drawer until she stopped crying. All the rage a flashback of The Planned Fatherhood Show , Leah was seen at the same time as a toddler where she was seen playing with her dolls, while Judd Birch lit her hair on animate. Teenage Years Despite Leah's horrible background, she turned out to be a happy and well-adjusted teenager who hasn't even proven to remember any of the bad things about her ancient and she currently goes to Bridgeton High School. Tyler got so cheerless and pissed off about this so as to he lit himself on fire all the rage her front yard. In The Advance Push , Leah threw a accessory while her parents were away anywhere she was forced to let Cut Birch join them or else he would snitch on her. At the time, Leah was dating a acting boy named Daniel and she took him to her room where they started to make out, but after that Daniel started to push Leah's advance down, signifying that he wanted her to give him a blowjob, although she refused. Daniel kept on almost but Leah continued to refuse.

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