Why Men Don't Use Condoms in a HIV Epidemic: Understanding Condom Neglect through Condom Symbology

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Abstract Background The growing trend of women infected with HIV through sexual transmission is alarming. Factors influencing condom use have not yet been fully identified, especially in countries with conservative cultures and backgrounds. The present study aimed to explore the barriers of condom use in Iranian women at risk of HIV. Qualitative analysis of the data was conducted manually and was guided by constant comparative analysis. Results Two main barriers, personal and socio-environmental emerged from data analysis. Lack of perceived threat, absence of protective motivation, inadequate knowledge, perceived lack of control, negative attitudes towards condom and misperception were the major personal barriers, while unsupportive environments and cultural norms were the common socio-environmental barriers to condom use among these at risk women.

Participants gave many reasons for not using condoms. Condoms were perceived to be something that was used at the beginning of a relationship when around was still a lack of assign and commitment. Conversely the need en route for continue using a condom could be seen as a sign of be suspicious of or a lack of real adoration. Women who wanted to fall charged did not use a condom after that sometimes falling pregnant was seen at the same time as a way of cementing the affiliation and ensuring ongoing support. You as a result feel secure with that person.

Anywhere male control over the sexual ambit has seen the male condom be converted into largely disused, the need to absorb male rejection of condoms becomes central. To conduct its examination, this clause adopts a framework of symbology. Analysing 52 condom studies conducted across the southern African region, this approach offers insight into the way men symbolise condoms. By examining the ways men think about or symbolise condoms, we are able to obtain innovative after that precise understandings for men's abandonment of condom use. Four distinct characteristics of the male condom which deter condom use become apparent through this symbology framework: symbols of pregnancy prevention; symbols of HIV infection; symbols of distrust; and symbols of female passivity.

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