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Urged by my straining bladder and the deflating gas gauge, I decided to stop to relieve myself, fill up the tank and pick up a six pack so I could handle everything in one stop. Spotting a gas station at the end of the block, I speedily crossed two lanes to the sound of honking horns and pulled up to the first available pump. I jumped out of my car, raced through the door and made a beeline for the restroom. Walking in, I saw a tall, caramel-complexioned brotha at a urinal.

Healthcare Basel. Published online Jul 7. Allied Data Data are made available ahead request from acknowledged experts in the field and upon a clear excuse. Abstract Background: Among male sexual dysfunctions, erectile dysfunction and early ejaculation allow the highest prevalence rates. To this end, we performed a double-blind randomized clinical trial among males with ahead of schedule ejaculation. Methods: A total of 46 males with early ejaculation mean age: